Dashiki Kimonos For Women

Dashiki Kimono

Modern, stylish and exotic, the Dashiki kimono is a timeless and essential African ethnic jacket to buy.

But what exactly is a kimono?

The Dashiki kimono is a trendy item of African ethnic fashion. It has its origins in chic ethnic fashion of Asian origin. Ultra stylish and elegant, it is a modern, light, fluid and comfortable exotic jacket. It consists of a piece that looks like a large T-shaped dress with loose, long or short falling sleeves with or without colorful patterns and closed with a wide belt.

Why buy and wear it?

First, the kimono is a jacket that mixes modernity and tradition. In the modern version of the Kimono, it is no longer crossed firmly at the front as in Japan, but is worn in a relaxed, modern way, open and falling freely on the hips.

Secondly it is an airy, fluid, loose and very comfortable top. It’s very practical when you want to feel free to move around.

Ultra stylish and original, the kimono stands out as a trendy and original piece with its dress-like cut, its natural fabrics, its original patterns. One of the great advantages of this top is that it is a versatile piece that can be worn with all our everyday basics (jeans, shorts, skirts, t-shirts). It can be worn with casual to formal outfits. In addition, it can be worn in various living spaces. For example, we can wear it at home, in the evening, in the city, at the beach in formal and casual events.

The kimono is a garment that adapts to all silhouettes, because there are a multitude of ranges of kimonos. They come in different long or short sizes, colors, materials. Long or short, there is something for everyone. Spring-summer, autumn-winter, it can be worn and adapted to all seasons.

In spring-summer, this is the essential item of clothing to wear. In fall-winter, we wear it with thicker materials and fabrics. It brings style during this fall-winter season. If you are looking for a practical garment to transform your look of the day, the kimono is the key piece to have, because it enhances and transforms your outfit in the blink of an eye.

Symbol of exoticism and travel, the kimono is the perfect jacket to have in your wardrobe for all the many reasons listed above.

Be original and unique by bringing light into your life by wearing the original Kimono.

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